Dark Model’s Electronic Orchestral Album Is A Cinematic Spectacle



Dark Model is one of those under-the-radar producers you have never heard of. He has opened for the likes of David Bowie (Reality tour) and Kraftwerk and toured extensively throughout Europe. He's collaborated with over 200 artists including James Brown, Serge Gainsbourg, Ron Sexsmith, Chic, Simon Lebon, and Yoshihide Otomo.

His new self-titled album "Dark Model" is dark, symphonic and crafted to give the listener an experience, not just to make them dance. If you want electronic music with depth, this is it.

You can pre-order the album on iTunes. Its out May 16th

Download Haywyre’s “Sculpted”



If you haven't heard of Haywyre yet, now is the time to do so. He produces some of the most unique and genre-defying stuff out there today. His much anticipated Two Fold Pt 1 EP releases next week via Monstercat . To celebrate this forthcoming record, he is giving away a free track "Sculpted". It's a well orchestrated amalgamation of smooth jazz progressions, swirling glitchy hip-hop rhythms, mind-melding future bass wobbles, and vocoded vocal samples.

"Sculpted" gets the DxE stamp of approval. Download here:

You can also pre-order Haywyre's EP on iTunes and receive another track "The Schism" for free!

Follow Haywyre on Facebook | Twitter

Lumberjvck Releases ‘Forest’ EP



It's been a minute since we last posted about Lumberjvck. We first heard about this kid last Fall when he had reached out to us to get our opinion on his music. It was heavy, wobbling dubstep that "would melt your face", he would say to me. In the past couple of months, Lumberjvck experimented with various kinds of different sounds and listened to all kinds of stuff. This kid is hands down one of the hardest working producers I know. While I'm not a huge fan of face-melting, grimy dubstep sounds all the time, I was certain that Jvck's imminent determination and hard work was going to pay off soon.

This morning he sent me his latest EP. He writes, "This is my deep dub EP titled "Forest." The two tracks featured in this EP are "Wormwood" and "Trillemarka." I went a really different direction than what I normally do with this EP. I hope all the fans who love the face-melting bass also love the heart-warming bass. Thank you #JVCKSQUAD for being so supportive. Here is another free download!"

While his description is humbling, we think that the EP is easily his best work yet. A lot of producers like Skrillex have been very vocal about not making one kind of genre of music and doing what makes them happy. With this EP, Lumberjvck has proved the latter very elegantly. 'Forest' is a two-tracker that is indicative and inspiring to a new breed of burgeoning producers who should know by now that its important to make music for you and no one else. Lumberjvck combines a host of influences from syrupy experimental breakbeats, glitchy jazz rhythms, trip hop melodies, and convulsing industrial basslines.

You can download it here:

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Clipse- When In Time (JayCeeOh x Mister Gray x Ruen Remix)

Clipse - When The Last Time (JayCeeOh, Ruen & Mister Gray Remix)

JayCeeOh teams up with Mister Gray and Ruen for a twerky, moombah party starter in their remix of Clipse's "When In Time". It has an immediate dirty booty-grind appeal that seems to be forming the base of JayCeeOh's productions. They are giving away the remix for free to celebrate the JayCeeOh's success this past year. With a release on Fool's Gold and plenty more slated elsewhere for 2014, the Master Of The Mix is well on his way to be a name to watch out for in 2014

Grab his remix here:

DxE Interview: Damn Kids Is One Of The Brightest Stars For 2014



Toronto based producer/DJ, Stephane Deschenes better known as Damn Kids broke onto the scene earlier this year with some massive releases on Provoke Records along with his 'My Last Mix Ever' series and notable remixes for Mark Knight and Pleasurekraft. Recently included in Red Bull Toronto's Music Styles Infographic List, Damn Kids' wide array of multi-faceted  productions do not look to be slowing down anytime soon. His latest remix of Notize's, 'Worth The Pain' is a mellower jam than the other ones.

We caught up with Stephane to get the dish on what's been happening in his life nowadays.

I’ve been following your releases since the last time we chatted. Real great stuff, but what’s intriguing are the titles of your tracks like, ‘Ussu’, ‘Otombo’ etc. what do these words mean? Is there any special significance behind them or are you just concocting your own language?

A lot of them are really vague references to my last name. Deschenes means “of the oaks” in  french so a lot of the names are references to oak trees. I play around with the words to get some really cool sounding names.

Tell us about the Toronto Music Styles Infographic that you were charted on? How does it feel to be included on this list?  What does that mean to you?

Its really rad to be recognized by Toronto and Red Bull. I was put on the list with so many artists I look up to, so to be grouped with them is a really big honor.

Who are some turntablists you look up to? I might be wrong but currently, the whole art doesn’t seem to have as much leverage and popularity as it once did, is it different in Toronto? Are a lot of people over there still into it?

DJ wise, I look up to guys like A-trak, TJR, and Laidback Luke. Those guys have very unique  feelings to their sets, and on top of playing big records, they really display how much of an art form DJing can be.

Have you watched the recent Russell Peters bit on DJs? Turns out he used to be a turntablist back in the day.

I haven’t!! I’ll have to check that out. Russell Peters OG.

What’s Toronto’s nightlife like? Isn’t the drinking age over there like 19? Do you have any cool stories that you’d like to share?

Inconsistent (mostly due to weather), but there's a really good community of artists and fans of  electronic music. The drinking age is 18&19 in Canada, depending    on where you live, so it really  helps getting more people into clubs. Its always awesome being somewhere for a show and  seeing guys you look unto in the scene there, as well to just hang out like everyone else.

Let’s talk about Provoke Records. It’s been your home for a lot of releases you’ve put out recently, how has the label been instrumental in your development as an artist? Any new tracks or artist on the label that you’re really into?

I’ve been with Provoke since day one. They were the first guys to hit me up about my music,  and now we’re all family. All of the new stuff has been awesome and I love the diversity.  Anything can come out on Provoke and it makes sense.

Your recent remix of Notize is a lot mellower than your usual high-octane stuff. Judging by all the productions you put out there is clearly a high level of range and variety in there, do you think you’ve found a certain sound you want to keep to or do you want to keep switching it up?

The remix is did for Notize just made sense to go that way to me. I wanted to do something really mellow for summer that you could just play in your car or  something.   I’d rather make lots of different kinds of music, instead of just club stuff or whatever. I just want to make music, whatever genre it ends up being doesn’t matter to me.

A burgeoning producer like yourself, obviously knows that the importance of social media as a DJ, especially these days. So many of these guys are doing over the top PR stunts to get people’s attention. What are your thoughts on all of this?

There’s two sides of it in my mind. It’s awesome how accessible artists are to their fans, you can  interact on so many social platforms that you can always stay in touch which is amazing. The downside is, if you don’t have a big enough social reach no one cares on the business side.  Promoters and Agents look at artists social reach, and if you don’t have enough fans they won’t book you or sign you which is BS to me. A lot of artists get screwed over by guys with less talent,  because they are more popular on twitter or something.

What are your thoughts on ghost producing? Have you ever ghost produced for any artist or has anyone produced for you?

If you have good ideas and you have someone get it down for you and help you finish them, I  think that's OK. If you have someone secretly making all your music for you then that's just dumb and you are a fake. I’ve helped people with ideas but I don’t think I’d ever make a full song for  someone, yeah there's money in it but I’d rather have artistic integrity than a big cheque.

Any new releases coming up soon?

I’m currently working on tons of new music, but I want to really step up my game before I put anything new out. I want all my new music to take my sound to the next level, so I’m taking a bit more time with this stuff. Expect lots of new music in 2014!!

DxE Artist Spotlight: Cosmic Quest



A couple of weeks ago, I posted about this artist named, Cosmic Quest who put out a track called, 'Let's Go' on the Everett Fall Leak. Well, I guess word spread and it ended up charting at #1 on Futuregarage.net. Pretty cool right?

Anyway, this dude put out a phat remix EP for his hit single which features some absolutely eclectic, dreamy soundscape takes on the track from the likes RJ Tripps, Dreamer's Delight, Alchem, EZEROH1 and many more. It's the kind of EP you would listen to in a forest, on a boat, or even while tripping mushrooms, if you're into those hippy shenanigans. The EP is available on Bandcamp for free or pay what you will. Get it here

Ministry of Sound Petitions to Keep Doors Open



Electronic music mecca Ministry of Sound is London's first, and last remaining, superclub. For the last 22 years, the club has hosted the world's biggest deejays, entertained over 300,000 guests per year, and rightfully earned its reputation as the center of the global dance music scene. Adding to its empire are annual music compilation albums, the mobile app iDrum, a clothing brand, a record label and radio broadcast, and the Ministry of Sound World Tour, in addition to subsidiary clubs in Australia and Egypt. While innumerable other dance clubs in London have come and gone, the Ministry of Sound has remained.

But the legendary venue may soon face closure. In 2009, development agency Oakmayne proposed to build a 41-story apartment building across the street. Such a vast residential property would undoubtedly bring along tenants unhappy with the noise level (happily) provided by the Ministry, and under the Criminal Justice and Public Order act of 1994, police would thus have the power to shut the club down. In October of 2011, after a two year battle, the planning committee of Southwark -- where the Ministry resides on Gaunt Street -- unanimously voted to reject the petition. Furthermore, the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, claimed that the Ministry was "safe under his watch."

However, in February, Mayor Johnson called in the application for reconsideration. This brought Oakmayne, and its relationship to the Mayor, under heavy scrutiny. Based in the Isle of Man, all of Oakmayne's projects are funded offshore; as a result, the firm's founder and chairman, Christopher Allen, pays no UK tax. The Ministry, however, pays taxes off its profits -- approximately 50 million pounds, or 100 million US dollars, per year -- in addition to the income taxes its 200+ employees pay each year. Says the Ministry's Chief Executive, Lohan Presencer, "We are a significant cultural and business force in the UK, and to brush us to one side in favor of a block of flats is, frankly, insane."

Bigger than the prospected economic loss, however, is the cultural backlash that the city of London could face. The Ministry has nurtured all genres of the music industry for generations. The venue has hosted Metallica, Pulp, and even D12, lead by Eminem. Even more, the Ministry is cited for launching the careers of Example, Daniel Bedingfield, DJ Fresh, and Eric Prydz. The nightclub is regularly featured in DJ Mag's Top 100 Venues list, and the Ministry hosted the magazine's annual Top 100 DJ's party this past October. Says Presencer:

Our heritage is dripping out of our walls here.
It's more than just a space.
It's everything that we are.

Mayor Johnson is scheduled to make his decision on Tuesday, 19 November. In response, an online campaign has been launched -- and has garnered some heavy-hitting backers. Judge Jules, Calvin Harris, and Fatboy Slim are among the long list of talent asking Johnson to once again reject the petition. Across the globe, electronic music lovers are leaving love notes on the Ministry's Facebook and tweeting to @ministryofsound using the hashtag #savemosclub to show their respect and support. In addition, the Ministry's online petition is still accepting signatures, and is currently just shy of 50k.

The fate of the Ministry is unclear, but our hopes are high.

With love, A xx

GTA – The Crowd (Ookay Remix)



San Diego's very own, Ookay, takes on the monster Miami duo, GTA, with his version of their massive hit, The Crowd. The original already ran the gamut of genres (as GTA tends to do, with their "Death To Genres" mantra/mixes), but Ookay takes the ride one step further. Using trap and hardstyle (his proficiencies), he absolutely destroys this remix, and will do just that to any club willing to let him grace the decks.

Ookay's remix of The Crowd is available as a free download on his Soundcloud page.

Abrakadabra & Lumberjvck Presents Night Of The Living Raver EP



Happy Halloween folks! Our favorites Abrakadabra & Lumberjvck recently put out this smasher of an EP to kick off your Halloween celebrations. Expect anything from creepy ghouls samples to flithy turnt drops and bass that will make your teeth grind. 'Night Of The Living Raver' is a quality EP that will scare you out of your socks. Listen here

And if you're not doing anything tonight, come check out the guys at the Los Globos. See flyer for details.

Adventure Club – Calling All Heroes EP



This is some of the finest work we have ever seen from Adventure Club. For a group that has yet to do much branching, they sure cover a lot of new ground here. While staying true to their style, they use these new vehicles to showcase their ability to flow seamlessly between dubstep (Gold), mild tempered electro (Wonder), and big room house (Thunderclap, Crash) with ease . "Calling All Heroes" is a beautiful departure from a typically hammering sound, and one that should be well received in the EDM community Growth is a must, and Adventure Club show no shortage of it with this new release.

"Calling All Heroes" is available now on iTunes.

Everett Entertainment Fall Leak 2013



Everett Entertainment's artist collective has been putting out these wicked seasonal compilations that are worth the listen. Their Fall Leak is a six- track smasher of remixes and originals from some top-notch budding producers and musicians.

The leak kicks off with Cosmic Quest's 'Let's Go'. A dreamy, vivid sound scape sets the tone for the velvety vocals of Sierra Totten that are carried through an ethereal bed of futuristic bass lines, snappy drums and elegant melodies.

LA's favorite Indie princess, BANKS better take note of this next remix from Powercord. I've been saying this for years, Powercord is a name to watch out for. He breaks the genre-focused barrier and lets his inspiration carry him to make suave electronic compositions. A frontrunner of the beat-scene, Powercord's remix of 'Waiting Game' begins with vocal chops in the first drop and then builds up into a gargantuan fist-smasher of wobbly rolling bass lines and pure high-octane energy.

'8000', the latest from Alpine is a hugely anticipated track. Since the release of his track, 'Strength' and his mind-blowing live performances and stage presence, the French producer has been on our radar. He combines an epic, cinematic experience in each production that he puts out. Timeless classical melodies integrated with thrashing, high-octane,  complextro synths and rhythms '8000'  is a  nerve racking, pulse throbbing knockout that renders a true electronic symphonic punch to the average dance-floor cheese.  Expect things from Alpine in 2014.

Orion Rogers first caught my attention when I heard his remix of Miley's 'We Can't Stop', the original track set the twitter world ablaze after her captivating performance at the VMA's. Orion returns with another Miley remix of 'Wrecking Ball'. This ones for the dance-floor.

Everything is Green's 'Made Of' is an experiment that blurs the lines between a vocal resemblance to Brandon Flowers of The Killers, a door-knocking like kick drum and other-wordly melodies. Think open green fields, blue skies and outdoor stage at Coachella and put this one on blast

Earsley's bold take on Lady Gaga's 'Applause' is  hard hitting smasher with crunchy bass lines and frantic synths. A good song to end a rage-face set.


Lumberjvck Releases ‘Peek A Boo’



DxE favorite, Lumberjvck joins forces with Ms Mo to give you 'Peek A Boo'. The track is released as part of a 4 track compilation, 'The Sounds Of Halloween' from Limitless Musik. It features tracks from Nicky Z, Castor Troy and John Coffey as well. 'Peek A Boo' begins with a killer intro sample of someone entering through a door and then builds up into a heavy face-melting stomper that will have you thizz facing and head banging. Listen to Peek A Boo below and buy the EP here

Feed Me Full Album Stream For 24 Hours Only!



OH MAAHHH GAASSSHHHH! I woke up this morning and one of the first things on my to-do list was to listen to Feed Me's new album. Unfortunately, it hasn't found itself on Spotfiy as yet, but things just seem to be working it out in my favor today. After doing some digging, I found out that Jon Gooch has uploaded his album for full stream for the next 24 hours. Wooot! Wooot!

Listen to Feed Me's album right here

Watch The Video For Skrillex And Alvin Risk’s New Track, ‘Try It Out’

Just a few hours ago, a new Skrillex track seemed to have surfaced on the interwebs yet again. Sonny Moore is slowly starting to make his much awaited comeback and this track with Alvin Risk definitely is one hell of a fire cracker! They've both been playing this jam in their sets since the summer and looks set for release, according to the statement below

"Here’s a video we made with all our friends! “TRY IT OUT (NEON MIX)” sets a perfect mood for exercising, hunting T-Rexs, swimming in volcanos, playing with catbug, playing video games, or just hanging out with your parents on a cool summer’s night. If you’re feeling like you need a lil umph in your rumph, bang this track and get pumped up for whatever ever it is you’re trying out (LOLz)


-Skril and Alvin

PS: This track w 2 other B mixes will be on Itunes if ya wanna buy em :) "

Also for those of you who missed it, check out Skrillex's new remix of Chase & Status' 'International' below


Diplo – Revolution EP [OUT NOW ON MAD DECENT]



We have brought you the previews, now it's time to roll out Diplo's "Revolution" EP in all of its glory. This, in my opinion, feels like more of a hip-hop/rap album than anything else. With features from the likes of Riff Raff, Travis Porter, Action Bronson and Mike Posner, you are getting verses from some of the bigger indie names in the game today. The definite standouts are the title track (which is simply stunning) and the Angger Dimas co-produced Biggie Bounce. There is even a twerk remix of Biggie Bounce, since apparently that is the thing to do these days.

Full stream of the EP is below, and the "Revolution" EP can be purchased now on iTunes.

Adventure Club – Thunderclap



Well this is just not what I expected next from the Canadian duo, but boy am I glad it's what we got. Adventure Club have released their latest track, and it is a far cry from the melodic dubstep we are used to. Thunderclap is a fast paced, electro banger that features a huge festival ready sound. It is really great to see them exploring some versatility in their sound (not to say what they were doing was played out, but just happy it's up their sleeves).

Thunderclap may be one of the best things we have seen from these guys so far, and hopefully it is just a taste of what is to come. It is out now on Beatport.

Jay Z – Tom Ford (Crizzly Remix)



Powerful remix of the king himself, Jay Z. ATX's Crizzly, known for his "crunkstep" and absolutely massive beats, takes a much smoother approach here and gives Jay a really classy revamp. Grab this one for free on his Soundcloud and check it out below.

Sub Focus – Torus (Full Album Stream)



Sub Focus's newest full length, "Torus" is a masterful journey through time and space. It Ebbs and flows through the unknown, riding high on waves of heavy bass and punctuating synths. It fluctuates between hot Miami nights (Close, Twilight), the grimy UK underground at dawn (Eclipse, Falling Down, Torus), a rainy Caribbean morning (Out Of Reach), and a mountainous sunrise, reeling from everything in between (Turn It Around). There's even a few strange, modernized trips back to the 80's in the aptly titled Turn Back Time (one of the absolute standouts) and Until The End

This is an album to be streamed immediately, and purchased just as fast. As a collection of songs, "Torus" might just be Nick Douwma's pinnacle of work. It is succinct, well laid out, and an undeniably great listen cover to cover. Pick up your copy (I highly recommend the Deluxe Version) today on iTunes via Ram Records.

DxE Exclusive: Interview With Dab’D x Jvck’d + MagicStep Mixtape Vol 1



For this week's edition of Dab'D x Jvck'D, we decided to shake things up a bit. Rabbits are not the only thing that they're pulling out of their hats, they gave Death By Electro a first hand exclusive to their latest mixtape, MagicStep Vol 1. This three tracker, boasts some wicked original productions and each track tells a story that leads into the next. You'll see what I mean if you listen to all of them at once. Get the downloads!

The first one, 'Torture' comes from Abrakadabra, or Dab'd, as some of you might know them to be. This one ranges from cautious breaks, big cinematic synths, and monochrome bass lines that render a tensed, goosebumps like atmosphere. It's the perfect appetizer to the adrenaline-rushing rage fest that takes place in the next one.

'Timber' is an original from Lumberjvck, the Jvck'd part of Dab'D x Jvck'D. This one is a frantic and aggressive, a true ruckus causing chainsaw massacre of a banger. It's industrial dubstep at its loudest and finest.

The final one, the Dab'D x Jvck'D original features recent Bay Area Beyond Wonderland, discovery project winner, GLock. This one, is more of a comedown from the previous two tracks. It feels like you're the victim that survived in the horror movie. It has a lot of early Caspa-like influences, rolling and wobbly bass lines, sporadic noises and dreamy transcendental build ups.

Also, here's our exclusive interview with guys, They are three aspiring artists with a passion for all things electronic. We discuss cutting steaks with chainsaws, MagicStep, their upcoming live act and more

What were you guys doing before you realized you wanted to make music? I’m going to take a wild guess and say… shooting a video to get accepted into magic school and learning how to cut a steak with a chainsaw.

[They laugh] If that was the case then we would be out mastering those traits instead of here with you doing this interview, but not gonna lie Shawn has a video of him doing magic, and besides his long lost magic dreams, he has been a musician since day 1.

Trevor Lanzarotta aka AbraKadabra, was finishing up his Psychology Major and volleyball career over his CSUN/Moorpark College and with no musical background but a passion to dance and love for the music. Connor Schatzel aka LUMBERJVCK was playing world Warcraft in his room listening to endless amounts of EDM.

This new mix tape you guys just dropped seems kind of scary. What can we expect?

We are trying to portray a much more cinematic experience through our music, be through epic drumming or very wide and massive drops; Our Halloween-Inspired Ep 'Night of the Living Raver [Forthcoming Limitless Records]'.  Epic Vocal work, crazy new bass-lines, and futuristic grooves, it truly is MagicStep. As well as our Unsigned Alien-Inspired DrumStep Ep 'We Are Not Alone' do just that, not only scaring the crap out of you but put you in the exact realm intended by the theme, A Zombie Apocalypse and A Space Odyssey.

If you had to describe Magicstep to a deaf person, what would you say and why?

Thats the best part, we would never have to describe Magicstep to a deaf person; MagicStep: A Phenomenon in which an Environment is created to allow the impossible, the unknown, and indescribable all happening in one place, igniting the audiences dreams to further change the world with their own MAGIC. The music being infused with hip hop and oldies background coming from all three of us, the twist on our "magic" comes from more current styles influenced by all genres, resulting in a mixture of the timeless classics infused with EDM.

Describe Dab’d x Jvck’d as a live act? What have you guys got planned? Is one of you going to sing?

Much like you craved as a kid, you not only want to go to a show but be awestruck and left with mystery and the desire for more. That is the same emotional pull we are looking to portray through our music and live set. Dab'd x Jvck'd: The Experience will consist of live sampling and mash ups, as well as electronic instrumentation & vocaling, of not only our own pieces live but others as well.

2 out of 3 of us were DJs before switching over to production and we plan on using that greatly to our advantage with Trevor heading the switch boards, any external mixing, vocal chopping and sampling through our Maschine, and live effecting with our personal mapped out Midi Fighter.

With Shawn (Guitarist) using the apc 40 as a mixer infused instrument with live sampling, stemming, and playing; as well as Connor (electric drumming) taking the stronghold of the live instrumentation and vocals. Our goal is to not exactly show what we use, but how we use. And of course with a great live set up comes a full magic show and visuals planned out by Dab'd x Jvck'd,, our story will be told through our show and the experience you are left with. If you can still breathe that is.

What if bass didn’t exist?

We would be just fine. Its all about that shoulder bopping groove, then comes that bass…

You’ve got a few gigs under your belt, including one with Chanel West Coast? How was that?  That ‘Cookie’ remix you guys did is getting a lot of attention.

We had a surreal summer with bookings through out Southern California as separate entities, AbraKadabra/Lumberjvck, and then finishing off our summer sharing the stage with AntiSerum (Fire Power Records) as our New Dab'd x Jvcvk'd Collaboration. It was an honor and a pleasure to share the stage with so many Greats i.e Helicopter Showdown, Swedish Egil, Patrick Reza, Anitserum, Chanel West Coast, At Dawn We Rage, and Dskotek; as well as Los Angeles' and Hollywood's finest establishments i.e. Dim Mak Studios, Avalon Hollywood, Beyond The Stars Palace, Florentine Gardens and Club 333 Live.

What’s it like going to school for music production at ICON? Could you tell us about some of the things you’ve learned, some crazy stories that you have from your time here? Like, did you ever find a rat pop out of Steve Duda’s long hair?

As much as ICON Collective is an institute of study and learning, it just as much as a vessel for experience. Our whole view and idea of Magicstep came from the idea of what ICON IS, 'an Environment is created to allow the Impossible, the Unknown, and Indescribable all happening in one place, igniting the audiences dreams to further change the world with their own MAGIC', the exact definition of Magicstep.

Who are your current favorite producers from ICON? Any cool Professors whose stuff you’re into?

Some of our favorites that we not only see but get to interact on a day to day basis with

-At dawn we rage -MakJ -Protohype - Kayzo - Khemek -Rykr

-Kid Ranger - GLock -Castor Troy - Sullivan King.

You’re future consists of…

Our Hard Work Resulting In The World Not Only Hearing But Experiencing Our Magic.



DxE Artist Spotlight: Marcioz



Provoke Records has a tendency of finding some of the best future hard hitters of the dance floor. A few months ago, they found Toronto based producer, Damn Kids who wowed us with his multi faceted high octane electro jams. Now, comes in 17 year old beatsmith, Marcioz who makes his sophomore return to the label, for the release of this epileptic five-tracker. From anthemic trancey chord progressions to monstrously gargantuan bass drops, this is the kind of multi-variate electro house where you can really expect the unexpected at a moments notice. What shocks us is that Marcioz is only seventeen, and his melodies and rhythms are on par with some of the big players of the game.